For More Information, Please Contact:

International Conference of Police Chaplains

PO Box 5590
Destin, FL   32540
t. 850-654-9736
f. 850-654-9742

For More Information, Please Contact:

International Conference of Police Chaplains

PO Box 5590
Destin, FL   32540
t. 850-654-9736
f. 850-654-9742

Special Two-Day Law Enforcement Training

Hosted by, the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC)                  Register Now

Hyatt Regency - Grand Cypress, Orlando, Florida (Grand Cypress Ballroom Convention Level)

July 15th-16th, 2020

Open to the first 300 sworn Law Enforcement Officers that are pre-registered (lunches included both days)

The entire cost of the seminar is being underwritten by ICPC and financial partners, there are NO FEES charged to attendees

To pre-register; visit after March 1, 2020.

The theme of this training will be proven, proactive resiliency practices, that strengthen officers, spouses and significant others; a vital need in addressing the relentless challenges faced by Law Enforcement professionals today. The training enhances an organizational ethos that embraces resiliency.

Sessions include:

I.        The Nature of the Battle

Wednesday, July 15, 0830 - 1000 hrs.

FACT: Last year (2019) four times more officers took their own lives than died from felonious gunfire. The profession is experiencing challenges in reducing those numbers.

 This Session:

·       Obstacles to Overcome for Effective Resiliency

·       Reactive vs Proactive

·       Trust and Mental Health

·       Effective Communication Platform

II.       Is There Not a Cause?

Wednesday, July 15, 1015 - 1145 hrs.

FACT: Most officers enter the profession to make a difference. Over time many lose their way, failing to appreciate the significance of their job in preserving the American way of life.

It was President Woodrow Wilson who stated, “A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about.”

This Session:

·       Examining the Historical Roots of Freedom in the American Experiment

·       The Invaluable Role that Law Enforcement Plays in Preserving our Republic

·       Officers will receive a fresh infusion of appreciation for the cause they represent and its importance to the citizens they serve


III.     The Two Fronts of Warfare - The “Enemy” Within

Wednesday, July 15, 1315 - 1445 hrs.

FACT: Integrity is the cornerstone of police work. Without it officers have no moral authority to uphold justice and can fall prey to vices that destroy their credibility.

This Session:

·       The Battles: Internally and Externally

·       Integrity: Being Fortified Against Psychological Defeat

·       Challenges: Proper Perspective

IV.     The Two Fronts of Warfare: The “Enemies” Without - Part 1

Thursday, July 16, 0830 - 1000 hrs.

V.       The Two Fronts of Warfare: The “Enemies” Without - Part 2

Thursday, July 16, 1015 - 1145 hrs.

FACT: An effective resiliency program must address the spectrum of challenges to the psychological well-being of officers, not just critical incidents.

Much of the current focus on resiliency efforts are centered around critical incidents. Although a significant contributor, there are many other facets of the external “enemies” that may potentially take officers out.

This Session:

·       Identifying the  challenges to the profession

·       How to Proactively Address Frustrations

·       Equipping officers with an understanding of how they are lured out psychologically

·       Tools to gain a better outlook while experiencing less job frustrations

VI.     Chaplains CAN Make All the Difference - One Agency’s Vision

Thursday, July 16, 1315 - 1445 hrs.

FACT: Going after the “guy” with the “matches”  … a far better use of resources than putting out fires … One agency’s experience.

 This Session:

·       A Multi Component Approach -New Hires/Spouses-Significant Others/Peers/Retirees/Chaplains/Mental Health Professionals

·       Beneficiaries of its Services

·        Effective Chaplaincy and its Significance

·       End Results: Value Experienced Individually and Corporately

·       Final Considerations

*A certificate of attendance, confirming Nine (9) hours of training will be issued at the seminar’s conclusion. 

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