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For More Information, Please Contact:

International Conference of Police Chaplains

PO Box 5590
Destin, FL   32540
t. 850-654-9736
f. 850-654-9742

For More Information, Please Contact:

International Conference of Police Chaplains

PO Box 5590
Destin, FL   32540
t. 850-654-9736
f. 850-654-9742
Excellence in Chaplaincy

The John A. Price Awards 

The International Conference of Police Chaplains is a professional organization that challenges its members to excellence in their ministry.
The ICPC Executive Committee established the John A. Price Awards in January, 1984, to recognize chaplains doing an outstanding job in their local departments.

Effective January 2012 a chaplain will be chosen in one of these two categories:

Chaplain serving in a smaller department
Chaplain serving in a larger department

These awards are presented each year at ICPC's Annual Training Seminar. The awards are named in honor of the late Chaplain John A. (Jack) Price who served the Albuquerque, New Mexico, Police Department. He was ICPC's second President.  Jack consistently demonstrated excellence in his own chaplain ministry, encouraged others to excellence, and was willing, over and over, to give recognition when he saw excellence in the chaplaincy of others.

The list of recipients of the Price awards continue to add luster to the awards themselves. Announcement of the recipients has become one of the high points of the annual banquet ceremony.


 2016  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Robert Cornelius
Casa Grande, AZ
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Gary Welsh
Kingston, Jamaica
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Larry Carter
Okaloosa County, FL
  Special Recognition Chaplain Cyndee Thomas
Roseville, CA
  Order of Merit Stu Nelson
Marco Island, FL
  Order of Merit Ruby Kinlaw
Destin, FL
 2015 Chaplain Small Department Chaplain James Occhipinti
West Creek, NJ
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain William L. Bourne
Delton, MI
 2014  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Ronald White
Chicago Heights, IL                        
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Paul Kaneshiro
Pukalanai, HI                        
  Nelson Liaison                Lt. Michael M. DeHart
Columbiana, AL
 2013   Chaplain Small Department Chaplain David Mark Owens
Greenwood, IN
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Sam Spencer
San Antonio, TX
  Order of Merit Chaplain Cyndee Thomas
Redding, CA
  Special Recognition Chaplain Rickey Hargrave
McKinney, TX
  Appreciation Certificate Chaplain Larry Ashley
  Appreciation Certificate Okaloosa County
Sheriffs Office
2012 Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Mark Bardsley
Marion, IN
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Mac Stinson
Columbiana, AL
  Special Recognition Chaplain Paul Reeder
Billings, MT
  Nelson Liaison Sgt. Craig Hungler
Columbus, OH
2011 Career Chaplain Chaplain Pam Neal
Knoxville, TN
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Terry Olthoff
Edgerton, MN
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Mark Clements
LaCrosse, WI
  Order of Merit Chaplain Wes McDuffie
Grand Prairie, TX
  Order of Merit Chaplain Bob Fiers
Indianapolis, IN
  Special Recognition Chaplain Jim Wieging
River Rouge, MI
  Special Recognition Chaplain Walt Tully
Newton Falls, OH
2010 Career Chaplain Chaplain Mindi Russell
Sacramento, CA
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Dan Lovin    
Mt. Vernon, IL 
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Arthur Kelley   
St. Louis, MO
  Order of Merit Chaplain Rickey Hargrave
McKinney, TX
  Special Recognition Chaplain Jerry Montgomery
Lakewood, WA
2009 Career Chaplain Chaplain Charlie Massey
Courtenay, BC, Canada 
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Rufus Watkins   
Emeryville, CA 
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Anthony Palmese  
Ocala, FL
  Liaison Award Detective (Ret.) Stuart O. Nelson
Rockford, IL
  Order of Merit Chaplain Wayne Whitelock
Calais, VT
  Order of Merit Kibinge WaMuturi
Nairobi, Kenya
  Order of Merit Sgt. Craig Hungler,
Columbus, OH
2008 Career Chaplain Chaplain Jack Poe
Oklahoma City, OK 
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Geroge Grafsky   
LeSueur, MN 
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Andrew Kikuta   
Honolulu, HI
  Special Recognition  Chaplain Bill Wentink
Rockford, IL
2007 Career Chaplain Chaplain Philip Bacon
Indianapolis, IN 
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain William King III 
Dickenson, TX
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Richard Sale
Florence, SC
  Order of Merit Chaplain Walter Schott
Mandan, ND
2006 Career Chaplain Chaplain Lee Martin
Topeka, KS 
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Joseph Prudhomme
Fairfield, CA
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Chuck Van Lente
Grand Rapids, MI
  Special Recognition  Chaplain Bob Cornelius
Casa Grande, AZ
  Special Recognition  Chaplain Bob Iaquinto
Mays Landing, NJ
  Special Recognition  Stu Nelson
Rockford, IL
2005 Career Chaplain Chaplain Mike Hardgrove
Tulsa, OK
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Charles R. Mingle
South Plainfield, NJ
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Jerry Brown
Mobile, AL
  Order of Merit Chaplain Dan Nolta
Tacoma, WA
2004 Career Chaplain Chaplain Richard S. Kassel
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Walter E. Yarbrough
Malvern, AR
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Robert A. Mitchell
  Order of Merit Chaplain Jim Powell
LaGrange, KY
2003 Career Chaplain Chaplain William Glennie
Phoenix, AZ
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Judy Hida
Clovis, CA
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain John Bromley
Colorado Springs, CO
  Order of Merit Chaplain Michael Dunnill
Manitoba, Canada
2002 Career Chaplain Chaplain Vivian Panton
Jamaica, West Indies
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Bill Wagner
Beloit, WI
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Leo Connolly
Columbus, OH
  Order of Merit Chaplain Robert Cornelius
Case Grande, AZ
2001 Career Chaplain Chaplain Charles R. Lorrain
Newcastle, CA
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain James G. Powell
LaGrange, KY
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Bernard C. White
Elmwood Park, IL
2000 Career Chaplain Chaplain Russell Guppy
Beaverton, OR
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Walton Tully
Newton Falls, OH
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain W. B. Barnes
Vallejo, CA
1999 Career Chaplain        Chaplain David Bridgen
San Jose, CA
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Jonathon Kosec
Mt. Horeb, WI
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Moshe Wolf
Chicago, IL
1998 Career Chaplain           Chaplain Michael McCullough
Los Angeles, CA
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Andy Toopes
Benton, AR
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Joe Williams, FBI
Oklahoma City, OK
1997 Career Chaplain Chaplain Kenneth Gaydos
Edmonds, WA
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Lowell Lawson
Canton, GA
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Jacques Robert
Hull, Quebec Canada
1996 Career Chaplain         Chaplain Allan Higgs
Regina, Saskatchewan
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain David Hoag
New Smyrna Beach, FL
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Phyllis Poe
Oklahoma City, OK
1995 Career Chaplain Chaplain Bert McQueen
Anchorage, AK
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Joanne Reuter
O'Fallon, MI
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Robert Chisenhall
St. Louis County, MI
1994 Career Chaplain Chaplain Harold Elliott
Arlington, TX
  Chaplain Small Department Chaplain Lisle J. Kauffman
Round Lake Beach, IL
  Chaplain Large Department Chaplain Stephen M. Passamaneck
Los Angeles, CA