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2014 Columbia, SC

ICPC Annual Training Seminar

A key element of a chaplain's qualifications and qualities for service with a law enforcement agency is his or her willingness to be actively involved in training programs offered by ICPC and by law enforcement agencies.

Training programs enhance a chaplain's efficiency in meeting and dealing with people in crisis. Many clergy are either required or strongly encouraged by their ecclesiastical organizations to participate regularly in continuing education programs.

The Annual Training Seminar (ATS) offered by ICPC specifically is intended to prepare law enforcement chaplains for their specialized work.

The required 12 core courses for credentialing at the Basic level of law enforcement chaplaincy will be offered, as well as an Advanced Track and Enrichment Courses.  ICPC Regions also offer course work to satisfy many of the basic credentialing requirements.

ICPC maintains a registry of all continuing education work completed by members. Each of the workshops or advanced track programs at the national ATS will earn each participant continuing education credits.

2014 ATS Columbia, SC