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International Conference of Police Chaplains

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Serving All Law Enforcement Chaplains Since 1973

"Developing Professional Chaplains through
Dynamic Education and Support"

As people come into membership of the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC), they often ask what the ICPC is and isn’t. Often people make assumptions when the answers to these two key questions go un-answered or un-communicated. That can be dangerous and damaging to both the chaplain and organization. To better clarify the issue, this is what the ICPC is and what it isn't.

ICPC is:

An international, professional membership organization made up of chaplains and liaison officers from different faith groups and law enforcement agencies.

A training and equipping organization to assist individual chaplains and/or their departments.

An organization that allows an individual’s ministry to be expanded and expressed in a new way.

An organization that assists in the starting of chaplaincy programs or strengthens existing programs.

An organization offering professional training levels to chaplains of different and varying levels of experience.

An organization that encourages and fosters networking between chaplains

An organization that seeks partnerships with other professional organizations and chaplaincy groups.

An organization that expresses itself with religious tolerance and respect for people of all faith traditions or no faith tradition.

An organization that provides a safe-haven for wounded chaplains

An organization that has a world-vision for chaplaincy

ICPC isn’t

An extension of your denomination or faith group

A Christian-only organization

A “certifying” agency

An ecclesiastical endorsing or licensing entity

A place to build a resume

A clique, club, or private organization

Our Mission Statement

The ICPC’s mission statement says:  “Developing Professional Chaplains through Dynamic Education and Support.” 

This is what we strive to do. 

This concept is further defined through our core values, which are:

We respect and honor the badge and the men and women who have earned the right to wear it

We pledge availability to the needs of law enforcement officers and victims of crime

We subject our lives and our office to the scrutiny of accountability to ensure integrity

We offer professionalism of service, including confidential listening, and spiritual counsel