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Partner with The International Conference of Police Chaplains

The primary objective of ICPC is to help police officers, their families, and the citizens that officers assist. We're looking for supportive partners in our mission.

Knowing first hand the high quality and value of training law enforcement officers receive, chaplains and liaison officers also need to be on the cutting edge of education and training. But that costs money and sometimes the funds just aren't available.

The majority of ICPC's chaplains receive no assistance for their professional training and continuing education. They dig deep into their own pockets to support their work, which for most of them is entirely unpaid volunteer service.

Police departments find their chaplains to be among the most valuable resources available. Many a commander has been heard to say; “How did we ever function without our chaplain?"

ICPC diligently works to keep the training cost effective for member chaplains. This allows them to benefit from ICPC training and continuing education programs.

We need you to partnership with us -- first, in the form of prayer, and secondly, with your financial support.

Prayer always comes first. Your prayers make all the difference for our chaplains and the police communities they serve!

Your financial gift also will have a major impact in what police chaplains do all over the United States, Canada and throughout the world. We truly are an international community of police chaplains because our common ministry has no political boundaries.

Would you consider an investment and become a partner with us as we provide a very positive influence for police officers, officers families, and many communities?

One-time gifts of any size always make a difference. And if you can make contributions regularly (monthly, once every quarter or semi-annually, for example) the positive impact of your gift will be even more significant.

Please see our secure On-Line contribution link, below.

If you would like information about how ICPC and you can help police officers everywhere receive the best possible support and care during the difficult moments of their lives, please, feel free to contact our office.




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