President Clements Welcomes You

A letter from our President

To the Men and Women of Law Enforcement,

These are certainly difficult, dangerous, violent, and challenging times here in our homeland. Threats are emerging daily that we all must face and in particular threats against those of you who serve in Law Enforcement.

The job that you do and the services that you perform is absolutely critical to our society, to our people, and to our very way of life. We enjoy safety and security here in America – unrivaled anywhere else in the world. This is due in great part to you – the men and women who wear the badge. You keep our streets, cities, businesses, schools, places of worship, and our countryside under constant watch. We are a land of law and order and that order we so treasure and enjoy is a result of our law. But laws are useless if not enforced! Therefore, I commend you for serving as one who enforces those laws and thus provides safety, security, liberty, and justice for all!

There are those, even amongst our citizenry, who desire upheaval, chaos, and anarchy – all results of lawlessness. They will not succeed! Because you will not give in nor give up!!

May I encourage you today with words addressed to me as a minister in 2 Timothy 4 verse 2, which states, “Stay at your post. Stand always at the ready. Whether it is convenient or inconvenient, whether you are accepted or persecuted, welcome or unwelcome….

And always be faithful to the One who called you to this profession.” I am praying for each of you daily that the Lord would grace you to persevere, that He would give you the strength and wisdom necessary to perform all of your tasks, and that He would divinely preserve and protect you and yours.

Thank you! I appreciate you! God bless you!! “Be strong and of good courage. Fear no evil. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you shall go.” Joshua 1:9

Rev. Mark D. Clements
President, International Conference of Police Chaplains

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